Water Damage Photo Gallery

Rain in Fontana

Here's a job we did during the last rain in Fontana, CA. The roof leaked causing damage to the upstairs bedroom. We tarped the roof, demoed the affected materials, sanitized the structure and dried it out. Our clients were very happy with the results! "Like it never happened."

Fontana large loss

This is a photo from a client who experienced water damage in Fontana. We arrived on the scene and helped save more materials from rotting. If you need help with water damage, give us a call!

Fontana large loss

Fontana large loss - this office in Fontana CA experienced some major water damage and our team at SERVPRO responded to the call. We arrived with a team of experts who helped restore the area - as if it never happened!

contents inventory

Pictured here: inventory of contents while SERVPRO was hard at work fixing the water damage. With our hard work, we restored this office in Fontana within a few days.

Fontana large loss

We serve all of Orange County. Today, SERVPRO was called to the scene of this retirement center in Fontana CA. Severe water damage? Our drying process will fix even your biggest problems!

Contents protection

When there's water or fire damage, we take the necessary steps to protect your belongings. Our client in Orange, CA had water damage and we helped keep their home safe.

Demo containment

After demolishing certain parts of the home, we take the steps to protect the flooring so nothing is damaged. This client experienced water damage in Fontana California.

Furniture Store Water Damage in Fontana

This furniture store in Fontana, CA experienced a large loss to due water damage. We fixed the problem by drying out the entire area and restoring it back to its original state.

On site pack out

This home in Fontana was effected by flooding and water damage. SERVPRO of Fontana came to the rescue to pack out all their possessions and dried the area quickly.

Palm Desert Floods

SERVPRO came to the rescue during the Palm Desert flooding. Our crew of experts revived the area and helped save many homes and material possessions.

Hurricane Sandy Photos

The devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. Our team arrived on the scene to help cleanup. Unfortunately this natural disaster was one of the deadliest in history. Our disaster recovery team helped with restoration efforts.

Hurricane Sandy

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy... our SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team mobilized hundreds of crews to the disaster areas to help residents and business owners with the cleanup and recovery efforts.

Hurricane Sandy

Photo from Hurricane Sandy, flooding and water damage - when SERVPRO disaster cleanup crew arrived on the scene to help. We've shipped truckloads of equipment to restore the area.

Hurricane Sandy

SERVPRO of Fontana arrived at the scene to help homeowners of Hurricane Sandy.

Roof Tarp in Fontana, CA

We minimized leak damage by adding a roof tarp to our client's home in Fontana CA. Adding the tarp and a structural dry-out can help protect your home or from further damage.

Storm in Fontana CA

You lack the expertise and resources to handle a storm or flooding disaster in Fontana, CA? Not to worry! Call our team SERVPRO of Fontana! We respond immediately to storm and flooding problems.

Kitchen Demo in Fontana CA

Sometimes in the case of water damage, it's required to demo the kitchen in order to restore the area back to its original state. 

Protect Belongings in Fontana CA

Our clients in Fontana CA experienced water damage in their living room, so SERVPRO of Fontana made sure to protect the contents with the proper materials and care.

Protect Contents Water Damage Fontana, CA

It's part of our protocol at SERVPRO of Fontana to protect the contents in your home. We want to ensure a safe environment while making certain your belongings are protected. 

water damage demo

If your Fontana property has been damaged by water caused by flooding or water leaks, please consider calling SERVPRO of Fontana to help! This water damage demo was completed quickly and efficiently for our clients.

water damage demo

How Much Does It Cost To Repair & Cleanup Water Damage in Fontana CA? Many of our clients in Fontana ask us this question. We are happy to provide a quote. Give us a call today!

water damage demo

Need to repair your home after experiencing water damage in Fontana CA? Allow SERVPRO of Fontana to help you! We're prepared to handle your biggest natural disaster. Give us a call. (909) 357-4337